Goal 3: Improve access for individuals with disabilities to passenger & commercial vehicles

zTrsnsportatikn of mobility devices

Transporting an electric mobility scooter can be very problematic sometimes.

Often, airplanes transport the scooter in baggage with oversized luggage, wheelchairs and strollers. The have dismantled the scooter,, removed the seat and handlbars, or placed heavy objects on it. These damages have resulted in long delays returning it at the airport, missed flights, long delays for repairs at destinations, inability to use it at destination airports or extended non-use at destination, resulting in restricted, unsafe mobility, awsiting repairs.

Public regulated limosine car service have refused transportation at airports, despite advanced reservations and fees paid for large sized luggage. One service left me stranded at an airport by dumping me on the sidewalk, and refused to contact their service for appropriate transport, due to ''overbooking.'' Local authorities took no immediate nor later administrative action.


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