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Trip Planning and Monitoring

Wait Times too long

I live in an urban area where fixed route transportation is an option. However, available transportation options may have limited run times or require more than one transfer making what should be a ten minute trip turn into a two hour trip, not taking into account traffic and other delays.


Current navigation apps do not always present practical or accurate routes-- and do not accurately reflect transportation availability. It would be more helpful if trip planning tools presented more flexible route options -- that cut down on the need for transfer and extended wait times. The other element that has to be considered is when no fixed route transportation exists. A person with a disability may not drive. Therefore, there is a flaw in applications that have Google maps embedded in them. The app presents the choice of using a car or walking -- these are not options for someone who does not drive or who has a mobility impairment. Presentation of alternate routes, transfer options, or alternate options available for transportation (e.g. supplemental transportation) would be more practical and present in real-time.


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