Trip Planning and Monitoring

Volunteer Transportation Programs

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Volunteer Driver programs have many examples. These programs have shown modest success in filling gaps in public transportation services. Replicating or using components of these to address the transportation needs of people with disabilities is something that should be further explored in settings where fixed route or other forms of transportation is limited or does not exist.


Several examples of volunteer transportation programs or supplemental transportation programs exist and can be replicated.

Notable programs are operated by the American Cancer Society or other community based programs.


In these models, volunteers use their own vehicles to provide trips. For those volunteers who provide trips using their own vehicles, they are often reimbursed on a per trip basis. Exploring expansion of successful volunteer and supplemental transportation programs should be a priority in areas where transportation options are lacking. Sustainability factors, accessibility elements, and funding sources would need to be examined to ensure the aforementioned programs would sustain.


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