Vehicle Trips

Volunteer Driver Program - Tallahassee Florida

We have a volunteer driver program through Elder Care Services that serves seniors 60 and over. The drivers drive their own vehicles, so we cannot service clients who need to be transferred or use a lift during their transportation. We provide rides to the doctors, grocery store and other essential services. We do not charge the clients for the service. We help about 20 to 30 unique individuals per month. We have many clients who cannot ride the bus because there is not a route near them, or it may be financial, or the ability to navigate from the stop to the destination. We background screen our volunteers, and are able to offer mileage reimbursement. Many drivers do not take the reimbursement, they enjoy the opportunity to help seniors in the community. I don't know how easy this would be to set up without a sponsoring non profit or other business. In truth I never have enough volunteers to help all who ask for assistance. We do ask for a one week notice or more before the ride. And rides may be limited to one per week depending on the demand of any given week.


It is a help to a few, but it makes a big difference because most of the seniors that use our service have financial burdens, mobility issues, or geographical obstacles that prevent them from getting to medical appointments they desperately need. Some have the ability to take other paid services, but not consistently because of the cost. Some have friends or family members that can help on occasion. We try to fill in where the other services fail.


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