Universal Transportation Benefit and Debit System

The Universal Transportation Benefit and Debit System is a three prong system which includes an unified transportation cost nationwide, a transportation benefit allotment for individuals that opt in, and a one card benefit debit system.



There should be a Unified Transportation Benefit Cost for fixed route and paratransit.



Transportation, much like SSI, should be a nationwide benefit that is a consideration when someone is receiving benefits. It should be an opt in benefit that an individual should request when their government benefits are being assessed. Each individual that opts in for the transportation benefit would receive a monthly flat amount (i.e. $50) for monthly transportation needs which can be used for public transportation (fixed route and paratransit).



This monthly benefit can be programmed, read, and debited via their monthly benefits debit card chips or strips.


Any unused benefit dollars would return to a national transportation account for future use.


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