Panel 1: Access and Mobility for All: An Interagency Mission

Transit Oriented Development Projects: Insuring the Promise

I would like to address this question to Secretary Chao and Secretary Carson. Transit Oriented Developments (TOD's) have been promising. However, in implementation, Housing has been built that does not meet ADA Standards for Accessible Design in some of these projects in New York state. What means does HUD have to survey and correct the lack of accessible housing in these developments and what can I do to help HUD? On the transit side, some communities have actually decreased or limited access to transit in these project areas by not allowing pull cord stops, not providing signed bus stops. no provision of a place to sit and wait for the bus for the elderly and disabled and offering no deviation services for the elderly and disabled to certain stops along the Transit Oriented Development corridor. The "no deviation" local directive effectively stops many people with disabilities and the elderly from utilizing the buses where they live. What can the FTA and USDOT do to survey, perform oversight and correct these issues in TOD's and how can I help?


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