Panel 1: Access and Mobility for All: An Interagency Mission

Suggestions and comments about transportation

Frank would like to express his appreciation of the transportation services provided by KYTC and FTSB. Frank is a member of a rural community and relies on services provided by FTSB on a weekly basis. Although grateful for the services, Frank has some concerns that he would like to share.

There is a 45 minute window rule that is in place within FTSB. Frank has been told that their drivers can arrive 45 minutes prior to or after an appointment time. This has been a problem for Frank in the past and continues to be a problem for some of his friends within the developmental disability community. This has and can result in being late for medical appointments, meetings, volunteering, jobs and such.

Frank thinks some language change is needed in the Medicaid requirements that clearly states; transportation is permitted to and from any destination as long as it in ones plan of care.

He feels that a transportation scheduling app would be a big help for people with developmental disabilities in addition to the phone scheduling that is already in place.

Frank also would like to voice his concern about scheduling appointments 72 hours in advance. He feels that it’s unrealistic for someone to have place an appointment to have a driver 3 days in advance. In addition to that Frank strongly, feels there is a need to extend current hours of operation to better accommodate the people that are using Medicaid transportation services. It is often in ones plan of care to go out into the community and socialize at events, attend religious functions, volunteer in their communities, and report to places of employment. The needs of the people who depend on these transportation services are not being met due to the time restrictions that are in place by Medicaid regulation. It was once explained to Frank’s mother by The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet that they must accept the lowest bid when hiring a company that will then hold the Medicaid Transportation Contract for a four year period. Frank wonders, if that were not the case and the companies were hired on merit and experience instead of providing the lowest bid, could some of these problems be resolved?


Thank you for hearing Frank Huffman’s concerns.


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