Accessibility for Passengers with Sensory or Cognitive Disabilities

Stop Autonomous Vehicles

Some people who were in line to speak during the "public discussion" for the last webinar (Part ii, Inclusive Design of Autonomous Vehicles: A Public Dialogue Accessibility for Passengers with Sensory or Cognitive Disabilities) were electrosensitive disabled We requested to speak, were told we would be unmuted when our turn came, and after the panel presentation they announced the public discussion would begin. ( – about 1:00 - see attachment). Public discussion never came. The moderator only continued the same discussion with the panelists, asking a few questions posted in Q&A. We waited one and a half hours (on our electric devices) in order to speak. The automation of automobiles and buses will preclude environmental toxin-disabled Americans from Access – both electrical and chemical – the composition of the vehicles themselves is made up of so much wire, which emits magnetic fields, and the countless antennas that will transmit radar for obstacle detection, navigation, GPS, communication with control centers and passengers, each passenger needing a radiation transmitter to utilize the vehicle (which alone excludes the radio wave-disabled), will be a veritable electrocution chamber – for all. The chemical composition of new interior materials, and those used in computers and switches could pose a threat to the chemically injured.


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