The Pedestrian Space

Scooter Education Campaign

I want to follow up on Rachel Beyerle's idea regarding micromobility and the pedestrian space. Scooters popped up all over downtown, Raleigh during the past year, and many were left in the middle of sidewalks by either the users or by the chargers who take them home to charge them overnight and then drop them off in the city the next day. The Raleigh Mayor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities discussed the idea of a public education campaign where anybody renting a scooter has to watch a brief video on their smartphone requesting that the person not leave the scooter in a place where it will block sidewalk access for people with mobility disabilities who need to use the sidewalk. Offenders will be tracked through people finding a scooter that blocks the sidewalk, photographing it, and reporting the serial number on it to the City of Raleigh, who will then contact the vendor to find out who the offender is. Hopefully, the public education campaign will reduce the issue of scooters blocking sidewalk access.


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