Goal 2: Enhance opportunities for people with disabilities to walk, roll, cycle, & use micromobility

Resources & Funding Guidance for Accessible Bikes, MicroMobility

There are few purpose-built accessible bike, bikeshare and scooters options available, and parts for modification can be difficult to find (for example, crank shorteners for people with limited range of motion, larger pedals or single-handed brakes). Accessible bikes, including trikes, tandems and side-by-sides, hand cycles, accessible scooters, and adaptive parts can be expensive for private purchase. USDOT could develop a resource for individuals (similar to brochures on accessible vehicles) guiding disabled travelers through various accessible bike and scooter options, and grants and other potential option to purchase. This could be developed in conjunction with active transportation associations and disability stakeholder representatives. A similar guide could be developed for cities, agencies and companies operating bikeshare and scooters for public use.


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