Remove Barriers for Funding

My personal belief is that those who are unemployed, disabled or not, and actively seeking work should be allowed to use public transit for free. Shared Ride Services (SRS) trips should be free to those disabled individuals who need to purchase passes for public transit on-site or receive ID's for available discounted fees and charges.


Where I live in Spotsylvannia County, VA the fees for SRS were raised 120% in one year without notice. This kind of fare gouging was necessary because state agencies were not able to "float" funds to those regions who had depleted their funding due to higher ridership volume from places that have lower ridership and did not spend their allotment. The funding to the latter was lost because it was not used when it could have helped another region to fulfill its needs. Removing "barriers" for funding would maximize funds that were already allocated and in place but made unavailable to a different region. (Submitted on behalf of Jane L.)


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