At the Station

Platform Gap Issue

One of the biggest hurdles as a woman that uses a wheelchair in NYC is boarding or descending a train because of the platform gap issue. The platform gaps in the area that I live in are beyond 3" wide. My motorized wheelchair often gets caught in between the platform gap (unable to move forward or back-- the wheels of my chair spin-out). Other riders eventually notice that I need help because I am in the way of them boarding the train. When people see I am stuck, several people need to help because my chair is hefty. A team of people then pull or push my chair on the train or off the train. The wheels of my chair are often damaged over time, trying to traverse the gap. There have been other instances where my wheelchair has almost flipped over to the side because of how unsteady the chair becomes trying to climb the difference. For full accessibility to be considered for mobility users, platform gap issues would be addressed. As it stands now, the gaps are hazardous and limit the liberty of travel for mobility device users.


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