The Pedestrian Space

Pedestrian Space at Bus Stops Unsafe for People w/Disabilities

Most of the time that is the most unsafe, most inaccessible and hardest to access part of public transportation system. Some cities will provide "deviations" if one lives without a certain distance from a nearby bus stop but it requires advanced notice. The deviations do not allow for placement on the same side of the street upon one's return to the pick-up point necessitating one to have to cross the street without any safety features. You may also have to exit the vehicle onto on unpaved surface and/or ground that is not level. In a chair or using a service dog in this situation is not an option. Bus stops to get to the Station to catch a train, trolley or transfer to another bus are aborted before you can even get started your attempt to use transit from the get-go. Having SRS or smaller buses/vans for transport to the Station would be an option to resolve that issue. Creating affordable housing closer to stations for the disabled/aged community with sidewalks and audible signals would help as well. (Submitted on behalf of Jane L.)


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