Goal 3: Improve access for individuals with disabilities to passenger & commercial vehicles

Passage of Air Carrier Access Act Amendments

As a veteran, injured on active duty, It is still not safe for me to fly. Not covered by the ADA, air travel was supposedly ensured for the disabled by the Air Carrier Access Act signed over thirty years ago. It's not working. I've been dropped by low paid contract airline assistants, my wheelchair damaged to be unusable, and many other disabled Americans have faced similar problems. Some people have been refused flights. Many of my fellow veterans in wheelchairs do not fly because of these risks. Passage of the Air Carrier Access Act Amendments, which has stalled the last few years without Senate support, would bring us closer to making commercial air travel safely available to the disabled by authorizing among other remedies a private right of action for violations, ensuring new airplane design to accommodate people with disabilities, requiring removal of access barriers on existing airplanes, and in general improving the overall safety of air travel for passengers with disabilities.

Stan Brown

Gateway Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America


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