Goal 4: Support the development and diversification of the public transit systems

On-Demand Rides Using Medicaid HCBS Funds

PWD need to have access to Uber/Lyft-like on-demand transportation (using privately owned vehicles POVs) that can be paid with Medicaid-funded HCBS waiver dollars using their smart phone. Currently, PWD can use an Uber/Lyft if they private pay; and, HCBS waivers often will pay for such on-demand rides but only if the person pays and then seeks reimbursement using a third party intermediary. (This is all very dependent on each state's unique HCBS waiver rules). The result is that the extra layers of bureaucracy, approvals and payments/reimbursement delays put on-demand rides out of reach in terms of making them a real option comparable to people without disabilities. PWD would likely work more, engage in their community more, etc., if they could order a ride when they need it with a simple click on their smart phone and have it paid directly by their Medicaid HCBS waiver funds.


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