Goal 1: Remove unnecessary barriers

Obstacles Presented by Micro-Mobility

The proliferation of micro-mobility devices has created a new barrier for blind and visually impaired pedestrians. This is the result of users leaving such devices, such as bicycles and scooters, inconveniently in the middle of sidewalks and curb cuts. Such practices put blind travelers at risk of tripping or colliding with the transportation devices. It is imperative that policies are implemented within systems and by the micro-mobility companies themselves to penalize those who abuse the use of such bicycles and scooters. Such cities and companies need to respond more quickly to punish the abuser and remove the device that has been left in an unsafe location. Often time, even if the device is reported, it is left there for an extended amount of time. Further, ow system to report the abuse must be easily located and accessible for blind users. This means the websites and applications must be compatible with Section 508 standards, which is comparable to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.


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