Overall Feedback on the Framework

Nothing Without Us

This framework has great potential, thank you for creating a thoughtful beginning framework for accessibility in transportation. I say beginning, because as this process continues it must shift and change with how society changes and as how our infrastructure and communications tools change. We are in a time of great uncertain change, never before have we been in this place. People with disabilities must be in all conversations and leadership in all areas. People with disabilities that represent many different disabilities must contribute to all phases of this process. People that present neurodiversity and BIPOC communities must be included and listened to in all phases of this plan. People with disabilities from all the marginalized communities must be present, in leadership and listened to at all phases of this plan. There is racism and ableism present in our institutions and the USDOT has not been left out, so it critical that all non-disabled participants must be required to take part in an Understanding the Disability Experience and Anti-Racism education training to dismantle the bias that has been engrained by no fault of their own. Thank you for this opportunity to comment.


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