Shared Mobility

National Paratransit Certification + Regional Connections

*Disclaimer: I'm a federal employee, but I'm submitting this idea as a person with a disability who has experience riding Paratransit in my hometown.


Similar to the way one can sign in to multiple applications using their Facebook login criteria, the same concept could be used to allow Paratransit users to connect to other paratransit authorities using one certification. For example, because I’m certified with the Dallas Paratransit authority, that also qualifies me to use Fort Worth Paratransit, Arlington VA paratransit, etc. This shared data could be the impetus for connecting paratransit providers such that their consumers could plan trips using various regional transit options. For example, if I lived in Dallas and needed to get to Austin, I could plan a trip using Dallas Paratransit, Central Texas Paratransit, and then Austin Paratransit, and because I was signed up for all of them, I could get to Austin with two transfers. Or, if I am certified in Dallas but travel to Washington, I can also use their paratransit while I’m there. The national database of paratransit riders could be similar to the database of electronic patient health records.


This is a two-part idea: Component 1 would be the national certification, meaning that a consumer need only apply for one certification and that would certify them for all paratransit providers in the country. Component 2 would be trip planning that allows for connections to other paratransit providers. Further, Paratransit transfer points could be arranged for connecting regional transit authorities.


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