Trip Planning and Monitoring

Improving Connections for Trip Planning

Current paratransit services lack many of the key features that makes ride-sharing services an exciting new opportunity for travelers. Many paratransit services require riders to schedule trips 24-48 hours in advance, which creates barriers for social and employment opportunities. Additionally, availability of transportation services is often the deciding factor in whether someone takes the next step to access services or not. Potential solutions for these issues could include:


- Provide incentives to encourage public-private partnerships between transit agencies and ride-sharing entities to increase the availability of accessible transportation (i.e., vehicles and coverage).

-Increasing the number of public transportation routes with route deviation to expand the number of opportunities for riders to use fixed routes over paratransit.

- Provide more funding and opportunities for trip planning with case managers, health providers, and educational programs to promote an integrated approach and explore trips that may include more than one mode, or type, of transportation (e.g., Paratransit and public transportation).


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