Smart Cities

Implement Regional Transit System in Major cities

I think that all major cities should have a regional transit system. I think the best way is to do something like the Washington Area Metropolitan Transit authority(WMATA. They hire one contractor or many that coordinate their rides. That way each jurisdiction pays only for the rides that citizens in their jurisdiction take, but the citizens can go anywhere in the larger area. The great part is that it covers many jurisdictions, and you don’t have to switch vehicles, which can be hard for some people with disabilities, both physically, and in the time it takes to get off, wait for the next ride and get on and take off again. I think one of the reasons so many people with disabilities work for the federal government is because of this regional system. It does not limit them to only living in DC in order to get a government position. If jurisdictions wanted to have only their own fleets, they could share a common scheduling system. That way they could cover all the different areas and coordinate rides among themselves. If the only choice was for one system to just take you over the border to get a bus from the other jurisdiction, they need to have a specific building for this where you can wait inside, and they have restrooms, and places to sit and wait.


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