Accessibility for Passengers with Sensory or Cognitive Disabilities

I need accommodation for my electrosensitivity everywhere

I was living a normal life before microwaves entered my workplace, my physicians' offices, hospitals and nursing homes, my clients' places of business, my home with wifi and smart meters, the streets with cell phone towers. Now, in cars too. I cannot buy a new car or ride in hybrid cars because i am so sensitive. I experience extreme weakness bordering on fainting, extreme swelling of joints for days and days, preventing me from walking or standing, just from being in a doctor's office for more than ten minutes. My car is 16 years old. i cannot stand the new cars with all their wireless devices that cannot be shut off. i no longer own a cell phone. my computer at home is hard wired of necessity. i have been fighting a five year long battle in the courts over forced smart meter deployment in Pennsylvania, which is now at the PA Supreme Court level. autonomous vehicles add another nail in my coffin. as it is, i cannot travel like i used to. I cannot take a train or fly in an airplane. everyone uses wireless devices in all those places. Automobile manufacturers MUST accommodate us with EMS. Not only to NOT allow autonomous vehicles in the roads, but also to manufacture new safe cars that have NO wireless devices in them so that we can buy a new vehicle that will be safe for us. they did it for a century before now, they need to do again.


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