Accessibility for Passengers with Mobility Disabilities: Entering and Exiting

Height of Body, Seating, and Seat Belt of AVs trending idea

Height of the Vehicle:

AVs in transit should come in various types (sedan, SUV, minivan, etc.) to accommodate those who need either a lower or higher entry point for entering and exiting. For example, someone who cannot use one side of his body due to multiple strokes would need a higher entry point to safely enter and exit the vehicle.

Seating and Seat Belt:

Seats that swivel to allow for easier entering and exiting of the vehicle.

Seats with seat belt assistance. While vehicles in the market today have seat belts that automatically tighten when the vehicle starts moving, there is no assistance to reach, pull, and extend the belt from the shoulder/anchor point. I am not referring to the automated seat belt that slid along the pillar and the roof that we had for a short time in the past. I am thinking more like the seat belt extending out from the shoulder/anchor point to allow for easy grab and click.

Folks who cannot use the arm located near the seat belt anchor (left or right side of the vehicle) would appreciate this. This would also cut down on the time needed to enter and exit the vehicle, reducing idle time.

Thank you.


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