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Get rid of wheelchair lifts

I'd love to see the wheelchair lifts go away especially ones that are at the back of the bus. Sitting rear of the axle makes it very hard to communicate with the driver and a hold on. Every time I get off the bus I'm sitting in The way way back I feel like I ran a marathon. There's not even enough room for the driver to clip us down because their seats right up against them and their neverfull. So I'm not only do you get stuck in The way way back rear of the axle you have drivers climbing all over you to Buckle you down. The system that I ride in just raise rates on Ada by 20%. It's the highest rate out of anybody that rides the bus. Other rates are $0.85 a dollar a dollar fifty. I pay $3 was a 20% hike and that's just one way just sit rear of the axle oh, the most uncomfortable spot on the bus. They should get rid of wheelchair lifts all together and have a bus that kneels down like the big bus so the lower center of gravity will equal to more comfortable ride. These conversion vans are f450 trucks with no suspension in them for comfort. Currently my bus company spends $450,000 on one of the big city buses, and it kneels down and I sit right next to the bus driver. Unfortunately I'm not able to get to the bus stop I require door-to-door service. I call and have the Dial-a-Ride and we have to calling advanced all the time. I don't know how I'm going to feel all the time I'd like to be able to take same day trips. I'm being charged $3 I'm at the highest rate by a lot I should be able to take a same-day trip more often cuz I don't know how I'm always going to feel. Well they spent $450,000 on the big city bus they only spend $63,000 on the paratransit buses. Essentially it's a F-450 Ford heavy duty van designed to take heavy loads and built for durability. They're not built for comfort and being up so high makes the center of gravity so much worse. Nobody should be transported like cargo. There was no thought put into these vans that are paratransit vans. the handrail to get into the van is almost vertical and most of the people using these vans are elderly and the disabled. It's the same van they've been using since 1960 something there's been zero changes to it. We need better competition on vehicles and they should be built with the passengers in mine. sitting at the far back of the bus rear the axle 4 feet in the air truly is the worst spot to sit. I've been to every board meeting for the last 3 years and the chairman of the board refused to come take a ride to see what it was like. I've asked him multiple times they just don't care. $63,000 is all I care about versus the $450,000 they spend on loop buses is a stark difference. The chairman of the board refused multiple times to take a ride on the bus. When they raise the rates on the bus wheelchair riders there was one board member available. It just doesn't seem right that's a $0.50 increase which is a big deal. The bus loop doesn't even cover the entire town and the entire town all has separate hours. Depending on what part of town you live in depends on the number of hours that you get . It doesn't offer equal paratransit hours as those who ride bus loop. Paratransit buses with wheelchair lifts at the rear of the bus should be outlawed just as the wheelchair lifts them self. We shouldn't be treated like cargo. We should be treated like passengers.


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