Accessibility for Passengers with Mobility Disabilities: Maneuvering and Securement

Flip-Down Seating and Automatic Mobility Device Securement

An option mentioned for seating that would support accessibility for people using mobility devices is swivel seating. What about flip-down seating? Seats could still be designed to be relatively comfortable but could flip up or down, depending on the user's preferences as specified in advance through a service app. When the seat is flipped up, the vehicle is optimized for use by someone with a mobility device. Regarding securement, what about an automatic tension-based securement system like the ones being installed by Motorcoach Industries (MCI) in their newer series of over-the-road buses? These devices are designed for self-use and can also be linked to a user's preferences in a service app. Of course, the vehicle's architecture would still need to have room for some standard seating to accommodate other passengers. It should also be possible to have two vehicle designs--one that accommodates one mobility device, and another that can accommodate two or more.


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