Shared Mobility

Enforce existing policies

If there was a funding resource available to fill gaps and enhance existing infrastructure, that would be a great step toward increasing safe mobility options. Too often the sidewalks, bus stops, crosswalks and other facilities are out dated, damaged, dead end, have no warnings for a variety of disabilities, are not signalized, have not had curb ramps installed, etc.

If there was a concerted effort to bring existing facilities into feasible ADA compliance it would improve system access and reliability, offer a consistent experience throughout a city and/or region, produce a safer environment for walking, wheeling, biking for everyone not using a car on our roadways.

Even if no additional funds were made available, holding local jurisdictions more accountable for developing and working their transition plans would generate forward progress on this issue and would, I believe, result in more travel options in a safer and more consistent environment in ours and other communities.


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