Accessibility for Passengers with Sensory or Cognitive Disabilities

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The needs of those with sensitivity disabilities are different, and can sometimes be at odds, with the needs of other disabled Americans; whereas wireless options could sometimes assist those with sensory disabilities, for example, the same radiation which enables these devices can disable, injure and even kill those with radio-wave disabilities. In fact the entire scope of 5G and Internet of things (IoT) related technologies, including driverless vehicles, speech and face recognition, wireless microphones, 5G cell phones, worn devices and small cells in their totality, will disable, injure, and/or preclude from public access electromagnetically disabled Americans, including the scope of public transportation and rights of ways, stripping their right to equal access. This discrepancy is one that needs to be addressed. Attached are documents that show some of the injury that can be sustained by this group, that 5G radiation has not been safety tested, and that anthropogenic (man-made) radiation adversely affects all. The needs of this group in terms of public transportation includes no cell phone areas on trains, in stations, and requests for airplane mode and wi-fi free environments on buses and cars.


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