Accessibility for Passengers with Sensory or Cognitive Disabilities

Electric, Wireless, Other Frequencies Harm All & Halting Hard

I'd like to support the statement from helpehs regarding detrimental impacts on health, and ADD THAT this applies to those with and without disabilities, the former experiencing increased disability and the former experiencing acute ill health at a later time. One well-documented effect of artificial electromagnetic exposure is excessive oxidation, the first step to harm. There is more than one mechanism to cause this effect, and the effect may not occur with every electromagnetic exposure in life as it depends on a slew of factors. However, it is more than likely to occur in this instance, with autonomous driving, and therefore attention must be given to preventing harmful electromagnetic exposures..

Also, I wish to ADD & EMPHASIZE that the harm is not just from wireless communication frequencies, but also from other electromagnetic frequencies such as electric and magnetic fields (ELF) as well any other artificial frequencies that may be generated such as from sensors.

As an individual with heightened sensitivity and disability from these frequencies, it is heart-breaking to see that so many frequencies are being thrust on the public without certainty of safety especially when I can vouch for these frequencies being harmful from personal experience and from my own research, research required in order to convince others I'm right. The result of this is I'm constantly veering from getting by to laying abed as these frequencies are ubiquitous, and rarely now can I find respite momentarily when others agree to turn off the wireless connectivity or otherwise reduce artificial frequencies. As Blanche said, in circumstances that were less than hopeful, "I've always depended on the kindness of strangers."

Antennas are being installed along streets for 5G and to support autonomous cars. I'm finding since these antennas have been installed I get sick when or after driving and can't do much for a day or two. I'm avoiding them while driving but it is nearly impossible to do, and in any case the signals travel some distance. There are ample materials on problems with 5G, one problem simply being the ubiquity of the antennas and the signal, at least my urban area.


I am attaching several references and listed a few others below. The citations include frequencies from electricity to wireless communications, but several include electric vehicles rather than autonomous though there will be some parallels:

Passenger Exposure to Magnetic Fields in Electric Vehicles. By Pablo Moreno‐Torres, Marcos Lafoz, Marcos Blanco and Jaime R. Arribas. Submitted: November 24th 2015. Reviewed: May 31st 2016. Published: October 5th 2016. DOI: 10.5772/64434

The Bioinitiative Report and its posted abstracts summarize many detrimental health impacts, such as oxidation. Some of the chapters are several years old, and so more recent evidence can be found by consulting with experts such the members of the Physicians for Safer Technology, with Dr. Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust, or with scientists with ORSAA, the Oceania Radiofrequency Advisory Association. There are others who may be counted as experts, but it is important to insure that none count industry as clients as is common. Dr. Beatrice Golomb, of the Physicians for Safer Technology, has engaged in scientific study of individuals with electromagnetic sensitivity in the United States and advocated for protective measures. Dr. Joel Moskowitz, also of the Physicians for Safer Technology, has also maintained a listing of current scientific abstracts with a review.

The Environmental Health Trust has posted commentary by Dr. Ronald Kostoff on automotive radar which is on point about the exposure levels and a copy is also included in the attached reference list:


This is an article discussing the amount of investment of time and money to attempt to reduce electromagnetic exposures while driving:

This is an article from AHappyHabitat discussing the different types of exposures from some different exposures in cars, with some sample measurements:


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