Goal 4: Support the development and diversification of the public transit systems

Each Rider needs an account-based Mobility SNAP-like EBT card

If each rider had an account-based Mobility electronic balance transfer card, that card could be used on participating transit systems, micro transit, bikeshare, taxi and other ride providers. Monthly passes could be purchased on-line. Ride Subsidies from Medicaid, Veterans Affairs, and human service agencies could be loaded monthly (just as is done for food stamps on SNAP cards).

Since transit is morphing to intermodal linked trips, more of us will use microtransit and other first/last mile no-cash connections booked by apps to transfer at hubs to frequent fixed routes connecting high-intensity land uses. An account-based EBT card will enable fare-capping discounts for frequent users. An account-based EBT card will enable riders to choose the ride providers that meet their needs. Those sponsored by different funding sources riding in the same direction at the same time can share rides. No need for separate providers/fleets just for Medicaid or Medicare Advantage. If the vehicles are accessible and drivers properly trained, some rides can be diverted from pre-booked ADA paratransit.


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