On-Demand Operations

Do not limit route times on nearest fixed route for Paratransit

I also think that paratransit should not be limited to the route times of the nearest fixed route. Since it often takes longer to ride paratransit to your destination compared to fixed routes, it limits the job you might be able to get. It also limits where you can live. If there is only fixed routes on weekdays, then what do you do on weekends? Or if the fixed route is just early morning and late afternoon for commuters to go to work, what happens if you have a job offer that has different hours, or if the boss asks you to stay late? It also limits you being able to make shorter trips like going to the doctor or grocery store without having to be out all day. This can be very hard on some people with disabilities. * I know that you can have groceries delivered, and many people do. However, remember that many people may want to do their own shopping, and shouldn’t have to be confined to their home, and order everything on line. There is a big gap in the technology skills of many people who have disabilities. The ones who have more technical skills are probably more likely to work and use the new technology for shopping, traveling, work, etc. But many people do not have those skills, and are very limited in the training they can get for technology: computer, phone, web sites, electronic shopping, etc. In fact many people may not be eligible for any training, or their state may limit it to such hours that they are still not independent.


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