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Climate friendly vehicles and enforcing the ADA with TNCs

Many persons with disabilities and older adults using public transportation want to be environmentally proactive. But what is sent to transport them, especially those using mobility devices, are large vans/buses that are not fuel efficient and generally add to climate challenges. More has to be done in a much more timely manner to move the public transit systems to more climate friendly technology and cleaner vehicles nationwide across systems. Similarly, in terms of transportation of goods, companies like Amazon have become most profitable but are not required to use climate friendly vehicles; nor are they held accountable for all the pollution they are creating and health impacts on vulnerable populations, the young, seniors and persons with disabilities.


In some places public transit usage has gone down as rides on TNCs have gone up but the TNC vehicles are not all climate friendly. Uber recently discussed that there is a requirement to provide all electric vehicles in London.


The ADA is not fully enforced when it comes to TNCs as wheelchair users are not getting comparable access in terms of available accessible vehicles or wait times. To save money and reduce demand, transit agencies and paratransit programs may allow ambulatory riders to take a TNC ride but wheelchair riders may not have any access, or the same level of access and/or may experience longer wait times for rides to wait for a wheelchair vehicle. Looking the other way does not make it fair. Simply calling trips on TNCs as "non-ADA" service does not alter the fact that it is discriminatory service for persons using wheelchairs.


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