Goal 4: Support the development and diversification of the public transit systems

Changes to Paratransit Services

The blind community has begun to advocate for alternative options to traditional forms of paratransit. Since the adoption of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, many things have changed and paratransit has numerous limitations. Many members of the American Council of the Blind would prefer an on-demand system for paratransit services. This would enable travelers to call the day-of to request a ride. Such practices have been seen in numerous test pilots across the country and have utilized companies like Uber to do so.

Another limit to paratransit is the lack of options for those who live in rural areas with no public transit systems. This is where systems like the above mentioned AV systems would be especially helpful. Blind persons would not be forced to live in heavily populated areas just to have access to transportation.


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