Vehicle Trips

Cabulance is a company in Yakima Washington

Email them for their input. By establishing similar opportunities for both unemployed persons and persons with mobility challenges you can solve these issues in rural places. Not all consumers live in urban areas. The last time I flew from Dulles to Seattle I noticed how most of the county appeared to be rural. If you seldom leave the beltway you may still believe in your self driving cars as an answer to your needs. Please watch the video on CNN's business site. The electric car problem is their battery isn't up to the task. Also, heavy truck traffic needs to be routed away from commuter traffic. We've had some horrific accident involving semi trucks and multiple cars in our mountain passes regardless of road conditions. Intermodal centers should be located on surplus military sites where infrastructure already exists along with depressed regional economies. You can create jobs and increase public engagement. Scott, H.,P., (2014) "The Museum as an Inclusive Community, a Blueprint for Moving Forward," CWU.


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