Goal 1: Remove unnecessary barriers

COVID-19 Sidewalk and Street Practices

As a result of social distancing practices during the coronavirus, restaurants and other merchants have begun to push tables and other displays further out onto sidewalks and streets. However, this practice has created a significant hurdle for blind and visually impaired pedestrians. The pathways used by such pedestrians are now cluttered with a significant number of obstacles to maneuver around. When implementing such new practices, some form of uniformity must be implemented. Blind travelers need to understand what kind of layouts they are bound to encounter. Knowledge is key, and blind pedestrians need to be equipped with the knowledge of what the layout of most streets and sidewalks will look like as they travel. Further, if pedestrians are now pushed out to walk in the street, steps must be taken to protect the safety of such pedestrians. Blind persons are intimidated by walking in the street. Makeshift walls or barriers are needed to present a physical barrier between the pedestrian and motor vehicles.


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