Goal 1: Remove unnecessary barriers

Bring the MUTCD in line with proposed PROWAG in the upcoming NPA

Do not delay in advancing national standards on rights-of-way accessibility. I'm aware that the MUTCD team is working on an NPA. Make sure that NPA incorporates accessibility issues.

In particular, FHWA should move forward in requiring accessible pedestrian signals where pedestrian signals are installed. As I noted in earlier comments, the complexity of signal systems and timing make previous techniques obsolete. Proposed PROWAG required accessible pedestrian signals where pedestrian signals are installed. This needs to be implemented now! Pedestrians who are blind or who have low vision are essentially guessing about the proper time to cross by using the movement of traffic on the parallel street. There are too many potential variations in signal phasing and timing for those techniques to provide adequate information and safety. This revision of the MUTCD needs to require APS where pedestrian signals are installed in order to meet the ADA requirements for effective communication and the improved safety for those who are blind, who have low vision

Proposed PROWAG also referred to the MUTCD Part 6 for construction and work zone accessibility. There are some suggested revisions to graphics, proposed by the NCUTCD, that should be incorporated to clarify the standards and guidance provided.

In addition, standards for other features such as RRFBs should incorporate accessibility features.


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