At the Station

Areas around the station not accessible

The biggest obstacle "At the Station" is getting to it. Many places do not have adequate egress or sidewalks to safely traverse to or from the station. Walking through parking lots or riding in a wheelchair are pretty chancy when you are dodging distracted or rude drivers in a vehicle. I can't tell you how many times I was nearly run down by drivers dashing into an empty parking space. Many stations do not have marked areas or Yield signs to warn drivers to watch for challenged pedestrians or those in wheelchairs.


Sometimes it is difficult to find the point where a person with disabilities or using a service dog is supposed to "load" onto a bus/trolley/train via a lifting device. If one is sight-impaired, it would be helpful to have a centrally located "press board" (similar to automatically opening doors) to activate a "beeping" sound used in a crosswalk signal. It would also be helpful to have audible crosswalk signals mandated to be near the station for safety in crossing streets to approach the station.


Developers and nearby stores serving the station should be mandated to provide sidewalks and/or marked areas so people with disabilities can safely approach the station and their service centers. Again, audible signals should be placed in appropriate areas were crossing a street/parking lot is necessary.


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