Goal 2: Enhance opportunities for people with disabilities to walk, roll, cycle, & use micromobility


It is vital for the health and well-being for people with disabilities to have the freedom to own a full vibrant life. To create pathways that we can use continuously from start to end without having to go down the alley around back to avoid a staircase or go one extra block or two streets over to enter from the rear. Work to have disabled maps that show how we can go from Pasadena Old Town to the Long Beach Aquarium unobstructed is available already but it needs to be mapped so we can all use it. Union Station to Long Beach Catalina Express Dock has three different possibilities; however, the one that shows on maps is the one with three sets of steps and an overbridge that my Service Dog & I cannot navigate a step or the heavy wide grating on the narrow bridge. After 5 attempts, we found a handicap accessible pathway with no steps that we can walk in the street at times. Our recommendation is an accessible overlay available on all GPS Tracking Maps that a wheelchair user could navigate independently, because right now we have accessible routing while not the most direct it would create user independence while we are creating more direct routes.


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