Goal 3: Improve access for individuals with disabilities to passenger & commercial vehicles

All small buses should be low floor, and have a ramp/no lift

Those with disabilities should not be required to climb (3) 10" steps or if unable to navigate those steps be required to board using a wheelchair lift (most likely standing) to be lifted 3 feet in the air to board a small bus/ cutaway. Those with with a wheelchair should only board with a low profile ramp on to a safe flat floor in the front / not the back where small buses typically ride the worst. A small bus that kneels will allow an ambulatory disabled passenger to walk in with one step. The 21st century solution for accessibility has surpassed the Wheel Chair lift. It is essential for the future of transportation in cities or rural areas that small buses kneel (have a low flat floor) and utilize a ramp that meets ADA within a 60 inch length.


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