Goal 5: Advance accessible intercity transportation systems

All modes must link together

All modes of transportation must link together to ensure a successful accessible journey. In 2018 I flew from Washington DC into San Francisco to go to a conference on accessible air travel. The flight was just under 3 hours and traversed the entire country a span of almost 3000 miles. After collecting my luggage at baggage claim I spent the next 3 hours trying to acquire accessible ground transportation to take me 1.5 miles to my hotel. The hotel I was staying in had two shuttle buses that went back and forth but were not lift equipped. There was no rail service to or near my hotel. All the taxi cabs at SFO were SUV's or step up commuter vans. I then tried calling Uber and Lyft. Those that came were also driving SUV's. Eventually, I got a cab that was a sedan / 4 door car but still had trouble getting in and out of the car.

When I made my reservation with the Hotel, they had assured me they had an accessible shuttle van. In reality most hotels do not have accessible shuttles. We call on the DOT and the FAA to ensure airports and hotels that provide courtesy shuttle services, must comply with the ADA and all access standards.


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