Accessibility for Passengers with Mobility Disabilities: Entering and Exiting

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The only companyat who is best at making autonomous vehicles, is the Company called WAYMO. Given where they are located, I'll bet that they would be willing to make any of their autonomous vehicles accessible in any way. Whether it would be a vehicle accessible for people with wheelchairs, that whether that means that the roof of the vehicle needs to be higher, whatever the case may be. Right now, that their early writers program is only in certain areas of the country. It's not all over the United States just like it should be. I feel that the first thing that they need to do is expand and extend their early riders program while at the same time, having excessive vehicles, that which would accommodate wheelchairs and people like myself that who are blind and have a cognitive disability. I would feel better in one of their vans, because I get in and out of the van easier than getting into a small car. Where I live in Sacramento County in California, I cannot download and use the WAYMO1 ride hailing app and service like people in Chandler and Phoenix Arizona or some other areas of the country. With autonomous vehicles, none of us will be a burden to our family, friends or public transportation providers. I should know, because we in Sacramento County that are disabled are seen as A burden to taxpayers who have to pay for public transportation. Besides, because I lost even more eyesight than I had when I was born, even though I was blind all my life, losing more site I can no longer use a public transportation because no orientation and mobility instructor has the patience or the guts to teach someone that also has a cognitive disability.


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