Goal 2: Enhance opportunities for people with disabilities to walk, roll, cycle, & use micromobility

Access to More Accessible Micro-Mobility

Numerous micro-mobility companies have explored the option of providing access to accessible bicycles and scooters that can accommodate users with disabilities. However, the number of such vehicles is extremely limited. This can discourage persons from trying to use them; they are often difficult to locate. As a result, such companies must work to purchase and loan out more accessible vehicles. The blind community would like to see the distribution of more tandem bicycles that can be found in easily located areas. Additionally, the smartphone apps that can be utilized to find such bicycles must be fully WCAG 2.0 accessible.

Another significant safety risk that is presented by many bicycles is the presence of such vehicles on sidewalks. Blind and visually impaired pedestrians are at risk of being side-swiped or struck by a bicycle while walking on a typical sidewalk. Cities must implement more bicycle lanes for city residents and where possible, penalize bicyclist for riding on sidewalks.


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