Goal 1: Remove unnecessary barriers

Goal 1: Remove unnecessary barriers

Please share your ideas regarding removing unnecessary barriers to multimodal accessibility of public rights of way. Barriers to accessibility include design, signage, service standards, and planning processes.

DOT's areas of emphasis are:

• Standards: Work to advance national standards on rights of way accessibility, including with partner organizations.

• Civil Rights: DOT Civil Rights Offices have important roles in investigations, oversight, ADA transition plans, guidance, and resource production.

• Data: Use common data specifications across multiple modes to make it easier for public and private entities to map information, plan infrastructure, and make trip decisions.

DOT believes public roadway and transit rights of way should be accessible to all. As more rights of way become accessible, more people with disabilities will be able to use the roadway and transit networks in the regions where they live to successfully complete trips from starting point to destination.