At the Station

At the Station

Please share barriers you have experienced in transportation stations. Consider the whole experience at the station including navigating the station, waiting at the station, understanding information within the station, as well as boarding a vehicle at the station. Share potential solutions you may have to remove the barrier, including what technologies would be useful in doing so.


Americans are experiencing an historically low rate of unemployment. But not all share equally in our prosperity. People with disabilities face an unemployment rate twice that of their peers. Some thirty percent of those people with disabilities unable to find employment cite mobility difficulties as a barrier to their success. Removing the disparate barrier facing people with disabilities will lead to employment and independence for Americans, and increased economic strength in communities.

To focus federal action on areas of market failure requires a discrete understanding of mobility barriers. This online dialogue provides an opportunity to better understand existing mobility barriers and the potential benefits of removing those barriers. This knowledge will allow for more accurate determinations of the value of various interventions.

The results of this online dialogue, including updated user needs and enhanced understanding of the disparate mobility barrier will form a key foundation for FTA's efforts to influence private sector developments, leverage partnerships among stakeholders, and focus government action in areas affecting each part of the Complete Trip.